Monday, March 28, 2011

so frustrated!

Kinlsey will eventually be moving into the other room for her "toddler room". Well since I like to plan ahead I've been looking up bedding options for her. THERE.ARE.NONE.

Meaning, I want to do a very cute, girly, dog themed room. Um,  yeah, there are NONE! Not in the stores, not on etsy, none! Apparently if you're a girl  you have to like cats, owls, or poodles. The only semi close options i can find are weinner dogs, not that there's anything wrong with them (Lyndsey~)... we just don't have one. We like (most of the time) floppy cuddly lab-like dogs. But there's nothing out there that isn't short of hidious or blue that i can find.... i REALLY don't want to have to make this bedding myself, but even then... fabric is at a shortage.


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