Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Break it down!

So here about how much i think it would take to make my house a livable, likable home.

1. Basement: $15,000 (that's IF we get lots of help from professional friends~)
2. Floors for main and top floor: $3000
3. Paint (for all previously mentioned areas) $200ish
4. Couch: $500 (I'm sooo a Craigslist deal shopper!)
5. Bathrooms: $500ish maybe $700 (depends on tile choice, I'm not good with figuring that out).

See we ONLY need like right under $20,000! That's NOTHING!

Honestly for under $5000 we could do a HUGE amount of work that would really make a difference and just save the basement for a rainy day when a relative that we don't know about that has money to die and leave it to us in the will(see we don't know any relatives that have extra money just laying around, so it would have be some long lost one that is only related to us and not the rest of our family, or maybe someone who is admiring us from afar and wants to help out... HA!). Yeah, long shot.

Man we're only like "this" close or $20,000 to a welcoming home... boo

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