Monday, September 26, 2011

Do you want to see what i'm working with here?

This past weekend we went to a BBQ and Kinsley had a lot of fun! She played on the playground, got her face painted, at a lot of food, and danced. Here is where I asked her to say "cheese" to get a picture with her Daddy. 
Then she discovered the Moonbounce. NORMAL toddlers were shying away from it because older kids were holding their own version of WWE in it. Kinsley? unfazed, ready to go...

"Bounce me down big kids, I LOVE IT!"

So you see, when you have a child with this much determination it's hard to stress things like safety, or rules. She laughs in the face of rules! She makes her own!

Gotta say I love my tough little girl though!

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