Thursday, September 22, 2011

OMG I'm missing her whole life

In pictures! I really need to step it up.

But here's a description of some of the cuteness we have going on in our house.

Kinsley is obsessed with her baby dolls. And let me tell you she is a VERY good Mommy. She feeds them, rocks them, and burps them! The best, though, is watching her sing to them or read to them! Ever since Kinsley was a baby the one song that always soothed her soul was the ABCs. I'm serious, she could be in the back seat SCREAMING bloody murder and I would start singing the ABCs and she would smile! So what does she do? She sings them to her babies! It goes a little something like this:
A, B, C, D, _____ H, ___ LMOP, R, T, V lalalala... and then she starts over! So flipping cute!

She also LOVES to read to them. She'll place them sitting between her legs on the floor and grab one of her two favorite books ("Yucky Yucky" By Oscar the Grouch or a Big Bird good friend book) and turn the pages and say the words that she remembers me reading to her! She doesn't get it word for word but she really does get the general idea out. I can't get over how smart she is!

My favorite though, watching her bring her babies to her Daddy and asking him to help her feed them all. OMG, I just died of cuteness. THAT my friends is the epitome of a sexy man, A man who is willing to let go of some of his machoism and play babies with his daughter.

God i'm a lucky woman!

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  1. You may want to look up the word "masochism"... it doesn't mean what you think it does.