Friday, September 16, 2011

So much going on!

So my toddler has really been testing me. She's acting just like any other almost two year old but it's been wearing me down. I mean she's seriously breaking me! lol. Between her and a cone head dog (thanks to vulva surgery) I need a Mommy vacation! BAD!

Today though, the heavens opened up and smiled upon me and gave me a toddler who didn't throw food at me! YEA! I swear if we would have been at home and not daycare, i might have thrown it back at her!

Chris and I are still mooning over the fact that we're 98% going to have a boy! (I refuse to be 100% until I see it again at the anatomy scan in a few weeks). Our little family will be complete. One Girl and one Boy!

We've been tossing around a few names but the front runner is Parker. Nothing else seems to measure up to it, but we aren't going to make it official until we give it a little bit more time, just in case!

I know this post is boring but i just wanted to keep you updated. I promise to take lots of pics this weekend so that you can get some real updates of our family!

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