Friday, September 23, 2011

I know God is not a vengeful God...

But honestly this morning i wasn't so sure.

Last night I thought i hit a breaking point. At 9pm as i was cleaning the kitchen (that was a complete disaster) and contemplating vacuuming while crying my eyes out. I went to bed only to hear my alarm WAY too soon. Got out of bed and told Cowboy I didn't feel like facing the day... oh if only i knew.

I get going, get things together, get K ready. I take her passy away, again, explaining it's only for nite nites. It was tragic, but not as tragic as it was last night (OMG! she reduced me to tears). We loaded up and started to head off to out day when i realized the rear passenger side was WAY low and riding funny. Why? Because it the tire was completely flat. YEA!

We call Chris and roll back to our house. I start the process so it won't be as long and painful for Chris. Kinsley is going okay, for a pissed off toddler already in the terrible twos. Chris gets there, finishes up. Asks me to drive it for a minute to make sure it's all good, except my car won't start. Because i was letting K watch Elmo to keep her quite happy. He gives me a jump. We're good.

K is flipping out because she wants her baby doll. Not one of the 10 downstairs but the one that's upstairs in her bed. I'm on the computer getting my boss's phone number to update her and Sadie is barking at god-awful levels in the background. I yell for her to shut up. With Kinsley and baby doll in tow we're heading outside, until Sadie barks again and KINSLEY tells her to "SHUT UP", about 15 times. Yes I now get the Mom of the year award too!

After I drop her off and drive 30 MPH to Mr Tire I get my tire plugged and find out I had a BOLT, not a nail or a screw, A BOLT in my tire. Awesome. But, I made it to work only an hour and a half late. GO ME!

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