Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have I told you how i met the hubs? Part One

See this man:

That's my Northern Cowboy watching me walk down the isle on our wedding day... he's pretty handsome!

This is us right before the reception
Here we are in college
With our first baby:

giving her, her first bottle:

Dedicating her to God:

Keeping her safe:

I mean he's a pretty hot guy right?

Well we've been married 5 years. On October 21, 2006 we said I do to the rest of our lives together.We have been together for 9 years total, here is our story.

Part One: The meeting

It was the beginning of my Junior year in college. I had just moved into my first apartment with three of my girlfriends. I KNEW this was going to be the best year! I was dating my high school sweet heart, but things just weren't going well. They often weren't going well with us. He wanted me to be the shy, quite, and insecure girl that I was when I met him. The girl that NEEDED him in order to feel any confidence about herself. The girl that was willing to be whatever he wanted me to be so then we would be happy together. The day I moved into that apartment he predicted the future. He said, that apartment would be the end of us. He just didn't know how true that statement was and how soon it would happen.

I had a job at Ruby Tuesday's as a waitress to make the rent and other bills I now had as an official renter. I had a full course load AND I had transportation, in the way of a blue Ford pickup truck. I was a grown up! I was also nineteen. Shortly after my move-in, the high school sweetheart and I decided to go on yet another break. We would continue talking but we wouldn't "officially" be together. This time though this decision was mine, and I liked it! I liked my freedom finally! I could handle my freedom finally, it didn't scare me. I realized I didn't need HIM to make me feel okay.

Over Labor Day weekend one of my roommates, Lyndsey, and I were studying together to help her become a waitress at Ruby Tuesday's with me, very serious stuff. AND we MIGHT have begun to "reward" ourselves with a shot of tequila with each page finished. We were working hard after all! Around midnight we decided we had enough studying and that a walk to the mailbox was in order. We walked and giggled our way out of our apartment and turned the corner to see two guys sitting outside one of our neighbors apartments. That's when I saw HIM. Cowboy. He was sitting there wearing kaiki pants, a blue polo, white undershirt, blue baseball hat, and tennis shoes. He was hot. He looked tall, from what I could tell of all of him folded into the camping chair. Tall was good! Tall was what I liked, made me feel small. Lyndsey and I continued on our way to our very important task of getting them mail when his friend asked if we were in a certain sorority (technically a women's fraternity, details, boring, moving on), which we were and which freaked us out because we were NOT supposed to be drinking in our letters! No problem, we were in our brother fraternity shirts. We smiled, said yes and skipped on our way.

We were very aware these guys were watching us so we did the only graceful thing we could have done and climbed over a wall, fell into the mud, and went and checked our mail. I think it was empty. When we returned his friend asked us to come out and drink with them so we obliged. This part is a little fuzzy to me, thanks to Jose` and a few parts of it will remain blurry to protect the innocent (Lyndsey), the point is, I knew I liked HIM! I wasn't able to keep their names straight. I was pretty sure the tall one was Nick and the short one was Chris and we exchanged IM names with them and called it a night.

And as I willed my walls to stop spinning that night I willed him to IM me. Because that's how people do it when they are in college!

to be continued...

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