Friday, December 16, 2011

WHOA where did we go? She's two now!

Well Kinsley turned two, then there was a shingles out break at my work so that week was completely disrupted. This week has been disrupted by the "possible government shutdown", which means extra work for me. I just haven't been feeling great because Parker is still on the exit path, despite being 30 weeks today! OH Parker!

BUT Kinsley had a FANTASTIC birthday and party! She was showered with love and gifts from family and friends and I couldn't have wished for it to turn out better!

My parents come over Saturday morning and brought one of her birthday gifts with them...
They gave her a doll beauty parlor chair because some of her dolls resemble Chucky with their hair! Here she's asking Sasha to "open peeese"

The after a few errands and a nap we were off to Romp n Roll for her birthday party! Um this place is awesome!

Her little friend Reece takes classes here so she knows the drill, Kinsley decided to sit back and take it in.

But once the curtain opened she was READY!

HAD to put this blurry shot of her friend Cole in since he looks so professional with his jump shot!

With one of her BFF's Reece shaking her Shakers! Egg shakers people, gezzz where are your minds?

For love of the bounce house! number 230948230948 I had her party here

A future boyfriend showing off his mad skills

These two little cuties couldn't do a lot but they looked cute doing what they did! Future BFFs??

Kinsley did a lot of this sitting and taking it in. She loved everything and had fun but she LOVES to watch too!

But the bubble dance time got her going!

After around an hour they took us to the party room which was decorated with the puppy decorations that I brought and other things they provided.

She actually did blow out her own candle!

Kinsley had two cupcakes, only the icing from both. Whatever, it's her birthday she can be on an insane sugar high if she wants to!

I might have joined her, Parker MADE me!

Then we went home to eat burgers and hot dogs and open her gifts. She's REALLY good at this! I anticipate Christmas will be awesome for her!

It was an amazing day and it continued into the weekend. The next day (her actually birthday) my BFFs threw me a baby shower for Parker and we continued to shower K with love.

I can't believe she's TWO!!!!

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