Friday, December 23, 2011

Part Two: getting them straight...

There it was, on my computer, an IM from HIM! HE had IMed me!! HE wanted to hangout. OMG! This was huge! I immediately told Nick to come over for dinner and to bring his roommates (so it wouldn't seem like an actual date) and when I opened my door Chris was standing there. I mean don't get me wrong, he was cute too but he wasn't Nick! So I invited him in and offered him a drink while I finished cooking dinner and we chatted. While I was slightly disappointed I knew it would be short lived because the rest of his roommates were on their way over for dinner and soon Nick would be there. That's when I introduced him to another one of my roommates and he corrected me that HE was in fact Nick, which meant my tall hunk of deliciousness was Chris. Got it. Sort of. I think. I was nervous.

Finally Chris (the real Chris) made his appearance. God he was cute! I think I made spaghetti, not really sure. Either way he stayed and we talked. And this is how the next few weeks progressed. One of us cooking (he would cook his kill, literally, he's a hunter), all of us there, and then he and I talking until six in the morning. There were no passionate kisses, but there was plenty of sexual tension. I really like this guy and I explained my current situation with the high school sweetheart and that even though we were on a break I didn't want anything to happen between us until the sweetheart understood that I WAS in fact dating other people. My cowboy had been hurt in the past and I wanted him to know that he could trust me. So as we would get closer and closer to that first kiss I always backed away telling him it wasn't "legal" yet. Torture!

One day I was about to go to work when I informed him that he HAD to meet me in the common area between our apartment buildings. He came down and asked what was up and I informed him that I made everything very clear to the ex and things were definitely legal now. That's when he slipped his arms around me and gave me the first kiss that promised so many more!

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