Friday, December 2, 2011

Productive people piss me off.

I read a few do-it-yourself blogs in hopes that i will one day get my act together and lavish my home in amazing creations that I created for little to no money. The problem with this plan is I have to actually DO something to make it happen. I'm a real wiz a running through the isle at Target and grabbing something that will make my table sparkle, but creating that sparkle myself? Not so much my forte anymore.

I can sew and bake, I can cross stitch and paint. I'm handy with tools and fixing stuff. But where do these crazy people find time to do all this crap? I mean they can't work right? Not that staying home with your kids isn't working but seriously... they can't work right? Maybe they have a nanny while they stay home and do crafts? And if they can afford a nanny why in the hell would they waste their time doing craft projects when they can pay someone to do it for them and make it LOOK like they did it?

So last night I went to bed early, with my pelvic bone moving son, when my daughter decides to wake up screaming thirty minutes after i fall asleep and she's making it known to the neighborhood that ONLY Mommy will do. finally i go back to sleep.

At 11:30 it's a repeat. Except me sitting there and soothing her is NOT doing it. Now she's screaming for water, i get water. then i gets medicine because NOTHING is helping this child calm down. I rock her, tell her it's okay, wondering what the hell kind of boogy man snuck into her room and scared the hell out of her while taking her passy away (because i can't find that bitch ANYWHERE). Even after water, another passy, and medicine (which she loves like a good addict) it still took FOREVER to get her settled down and asleep. Once i laid back down it only took twenty minutes for her to freak out again.

Finally I told the hubs to just bring her into our bed, she was immediately fine. WHAT THE HELL IS IN HER ROOM!?!? At around 3:30, after dealing with feet in my back from my helicopter daughter I took her back to her bed. She cried, I soothed, FINALLY she slept. Until 5:28am (seriously, 2 minutes before i have to get up?!?!? WTF!) I make her go back to sleep and got in the shower. BUT apparently she didn't go back to sleep, because when i get out of the shower her little demon head is proped on Cowboys pillow watching Elmo.

I asked her what was wrong last night and she said BooBoo. I asked her where the booboo was (maybe her ear? that would explain a lot)... she looks around, searching for it and then looks at her knee and says "there it is!"... yea no booboo.

I'm the booboo, boob, walking freakin zombie, that has a thirty-one party tonight to give, a birthday party tomorrow to throw and a baby shower (for the pelvic bone moving sibling in my tummy) to attend this weekend. I also have family and friends coming into town. I hurt, I'm tired, I can't walk, I just want to cry... and yet, YET all i can think about is all the damn crafts i want to do to make my home seem homier.

Damn productive people!

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  1. I'm exceedingly sorry about your rough night, but I do have to say, your wrap up brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard. Thanks for that. =) And good luck making it through this weekend in one piece!