Tuesday, June 5, 2012

disturbing boobs

It's disturbing to me how little I think about my boobs as boobs and how much i think of them as a food source.

I'm more concerned about them being full of milk then I am about them looking good in my clothes. I will walk around the house with one (or both) hanging out because I'm in the middle of feeding Parker and he needed a diaper change or K needed something. So I pop Parker off the boob, leave it hanging out and then pop Parker right back one. My lack of modesty is not lost on me... there have been MANY moments where I'm standing at the pack-n-play, that is RIGHT in sight of the front door, changing Parker's diaper with one enormous National Geographic milk machine hanging out and thinking "Man if Chris got home RIGHT now i would flash the neighborhood...". OR I've thought, while brushing my teeth this morning with one boob out and baby on the hip, "why didn't I put that sucker away, Parker's done eating"... answer: It just didn't occur to me! Honestly people!

I'm lucky (and by me I mean YOU) that i haven't walked out of the house with girls hanging out. Or just whipped it out without thinking in front of the world. It's terrible.

I am so programed into my boobs as food that I can't even remember if they became boobs again after Kinsley was done with them.

Well since this is the last kid that will grace this buffet hopefully that means that one day I will see them as mine and as leverage with my husband, not just a milk shake.

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