Friday, June 1, 2012

Oh she's special that one...

So this morning it was all I could do to drag myself out of bed and get into the shower, then I actually mustered up enough energy to blow dry my hair (I just got it done and I'm not over the novelty of having pretty hair)! So I'm feeling pretty good with myself and decided I'm going to be an awesome fun Mom (this is a decision you have to make daily when you're running on fumes).

See my daughter LOVES (understatement of the century) Pink Donuts. That is donuts with pink icing or pink sprinkles on them. She seriously would sell her brother on the black market for one. So this morning I'm like "I'm going to make her day!" and wake her up with some cuddles and then whisper "Do you want to go and get a pink donut to eat at school today for breakfast?", because I'm nothing if not a provider of only the most nutritious meals for my children. Do you know what this kid did? She looked up at me and said "Yeah, we'll get a pink donut AND a cupcake"... WTF?!?! Ummm NO we will get you a yummy pink donut, but no cupcake today.

Enter meltdown. She is pissed because she is only going to get a pink donut and no cupcake. UM wasn't an option to begin with... Do you not realize child that you weren't even going to get the damn donut but I'm SO awesome of a Mom that I'm going to give that you??? HELLS to the No, the kid wants both.

So you know what I do? I get her ONLY a pink donut and she's ONLY getting it because I need a damn coffee from Starbucks or else she wouldn't get that the ungrateful child that she is.

She was pretty damn cute eating it though this morning!~

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