Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So sleep deprivation is a very real form of torture. They use it in war and kids use it in the nursery. It's true. Children are born programed to break the strongest of men. I still think if we would force the Taliban to take care of their own children for a few days (rather than making their wives do it) then they would surrender immediately.

Parker has decided that he's going to go all "Give me your state secrets" on me. I've come to the conclusion that he is either 1. going through a growth spurt, 2. has an ear infection or something, 3. REALLY wants us to start the cry it out method.

My sweet little man used to wake up once a nice to eat. Now he wakes up 3+ times and after he's done he's not happy unless I'm holding him, if I try to lay him back in his crib I am rewarded with fussiness, then cries, then screams. YEA!!

He's also not napping well. He MIGHT nap for 45mins at a time and getting him to nap is a nightmare too... didn't use to be this way.

Today I was late for work because I was busy selling him on the black market trying to get an extra hour of sleep in, since I only got 5 last night. That didn't happen. Kinsley fussed, then the guilt of not getting up and rushing to work set in, AND I let Parker munch on my boob in hopes that he would stay quite. Add it all together and that means no sleep for me.

Kinsley has also been a REAL JOY lately... in case you can't tell by the font, that statement is dripping in sarcasm. She's decided to be a real peach and fuss and whine about everything she can possibly think of. We even threaten to take away her stars from her star chart and she doesn't care. Timeout? Doesn't care. No Mickey? Doesn't care. I'll give you a cupcake! Wrong color... you get the trend.

LUCKILY, Parker has his 4 month check up tomorrow and so I will see if Kinsley can be checked over too (PLEASE be something drugs can fix! Drugs are your friend!). If both kids are healthy and just pissy then this Mommy is about to lay down a whole lot of tough love, so they better watch out. Kinsley will go into her room EVERY.TIME. she gets whinny and fussy (because people 24/7 of a kid fussing, even when you're showering her with attention and CUPCAKES is NOT okay)... and P-man? He will begin the cry it out method.

I'm hoping my kids are just "off" and not being little shit heads difficult. We'll know more tomorrow... until then pray for me because I feel myself slipping.

Remember when Kinsley was around 4 or 5 months old and I hit my depression wall... yeah that's creeping on me right now. I feel it coming on. I'm fighting it but each time that little boy cries and each hour of sleep I keep missing and then ice that cake with toddler meltdowns... I'm slipping. Pray.


  1. It sounds like Parker's going through the dreaded 4-month wakeful period: http://pregnant.thebump.com/new-mom-new-dad/newborn-basics/qa/4-month-wakeful-period.aspx?MsdVisit=1

    As for Kinsley, I hear you on the fussiness. I've been going to a support group and was told that it's really important to teach them emotion words (frustrated, sad, mad, etc) so that the kids are better able to understand their emotions. I've been doing this ("Cati, it seems like your mad..") and since I started the fussiness and tantrums have gone done. She still drives me nuts but it's so much more manageable.

  2. I recently changed the name of the "naughty chair" to the "fussy chair" for this same reason. The two year old is driving me looney. He cant ask for water without whining!
    I feel your pain with the 2-3 tims a night nursing. My little guy is 6 months and still doing that- i am like the walking zombie at work most days and dont ask me to remember anything.
    And furthermore- I hear ya on the depression thing after 5 months. We are back to work, missing our babies, attached to the pump multiple times a day and trying to fit in a whole days worth of chores and errends into a few hours between day care pickup and baby baths and bedtimes, and then we get to clean all the pump parts, make the bottles for the next day, (eat something), take a shower (maybe), and crawl into bed with a quick prayer to any god or angels that might be listening for the baby to please just sleep until 2am or 3 am so we can get one solid chunk of sleep....oh I hear ya!!