Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's up hookers!

Hey lovelies! OMG I ate WAY too much this weekend... Apparently whenever there's a "holiday" on the schedule that means I get to over eat in a REALLY bad way. OYE! I even gained a pound. IN A WEEKEND.

It all started on Friday. I didn't have my lunch with me at work so I needed to go and get some. Well my coworkers decided that since I was going out with them that we should go to my favorite place, Fuddruckers. OMG. So I was all "I can do this, I can be good" then we get there and I'm all "OMG GIVE ME A BURGER AND FRIES AND LOAD IT WITH MAYO AND HONEY MUSTARD AND I MUST LICK MY FINGERS"... see where I'm going with this. Then on the way home I'm all "It's Friday, I don't want to cook, I'll let the hubs worry about it"... enter Five Guys (you know because I love burgers and he thought he was doing me a favor since I had mentioned I hadn't been there in a while). AND there is NO healthy option at Five Guys so I'm not even going to pretend that I was going to be good at any point.

It's now Saturday and we took Kinsley to her first ever movie IN a theatre... So I HAD to eat an ENTIRE BOX of milk duds. (Are you feeling sick yet? Wait!) Afterwards we met up with Chris's brother and his girlfriend and went to Friday's for lunch. You can TOTALLY go healthy at TGI Fridays... I mean I didn't, but YOU CAN! I ate a Jack Daniels Chicken sandwich... yes it comes with bacon, yes I ate it with french fries. Then we went to watch airplanes land (don't ask me but kids LOVE IT!) and so I needed a snowball. When we got home I made dinner... ground beef, cream of chicken soup, provolone cheese all wrapped in crescent rolls. Top it off with a Margarita... yummm (oh and a piece of german chocolate cake... OMG head.hitting.desk)

And now that it's actually fathers day, we TOTALLY have to eat again! And by eat I mean pump fat into my veins with an IV. We had a shrimp pasta salad with a mayo base, a decent size NY Strip, green beans (yea for SOMETHING healthy), corn, and MORE deserts and MORE MORE MORE Margaritas. Why yes I'm ready to throw up now at my own gluttony. GEZZZ.

I don't think I can even look at myself in the eye, that weekend was SO GROSS! I know we all have times like this, but Damn girl, it's like this is the norm for me. Not.OKay!

on the up swing... I think writing this out just gave me the motivation to start my Insanity workout at lunch!

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  1. Sounds a little like my weekend! I keep seeing pictures of myself and thinking "wake up call" and then I hit snooze!