Friday, October 5, 2012

OMG it's a vlog link up~

It's a vlog. I make all apologies for my god awful lower teeth, my dog ate my retainer when i was younger and now I've got horrible teeth again. Just let my bulging boobs distract you! I always said when i was done breast feeding I was going to pay to have my boobs picked back up off the ground, maybe I'll stick to getting my teeth fixed!

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  1. "I'm a pasta-carby kind of person"-- HAHA

    And I love that your brother bought you a troll house when you were little. I don't know why that was funny-- but I just love the word troll. :)

    And do you follow my friend Amy at Story of Us? She is a scrapbooker, too. They do take sooo much time {and money}, so that is a good thing to grab in a fire.

    Happy Friday, Erin... and thanks for linking up!