Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So working out SUCKS. This workout high that people talk about, are they working out while hot boxing (not that i would know what that is mom...) because I DON'T GET IT! I mean I get the "Yes I worked out when I REALLY didn't want to, like ever" fist pump... but there's no "Wow, I feel great! That was awesome!" instead I'm dragging my dripping sweaty ass down to the locker room in my building trying to catch my breath, hoping no one notices my multiple rolls through my shirt and all I can think about is the candy a co-worker has left out for us. I don't get energy from working out... i mean i thought the point of working out was to expend energy, because that's what I do. I lose it all. Later tonight my kids will be wondering why their Momma has fallen asleep on the floor of their rooms in the middle of story time.

But I did it. I've completed 3 days of insanity. And can I just say the Asian chick (not trying to non-PC here but i can't remember her name and there's only one of them).... I HATE HER! Especially in the fit test video... she's all perky and like "I did XXX many!" While the guy she's doing it with did half as many. I just want to push her into a wall. Happy, perky, show offs piss me off. I'm going to keep doing Insanity so I can get better then her and then laugh in HER face!

Okay, enough complaining... here's my kids so you know I have a heart~

I love this picture because I think it's a glance into their future. Her figuring out how to taunt him, him being all cute and suave.


So these are my favorite overalls EVER. I wish I would have put them on him despite the heat, FREAKING adorable!

Case in point

Okay those big eyes help too.

I just think she's so beautiful!

When did she grow up?

And just so you know I do try to be a fun Mom that obsesses over Pintrest project and uses them as the standard of a good mom... here a few of them. That pizza is supposed to look like spider web cheese, but yeah..


  1. Ha ha! That girl is so annoying. I swear Shawn T has a thing for her. The Insanity workouts are great but they are INTENSE. By far, the hardest workouts I have ever done in my life but you do see results and fast.

    The kids are getting so big!

  2. Three days of Insanity?! You little cardio star!! I know it sucks right now, but turn that frown upside down because you are getting ready to lose some pounds. :)

  3. Just catching up on your blog! Love the pictures of K and Parker! Super cute overalls...and love the fact that Will may get more of Parker's hand-me-downs! Miss you lots!