Thursday, October 18, 2012

Something about a wreck that wasn't your fault still makes you feel like a bad driver.

Wow it's been crazy up in here, sorry! It's not going to get a lot better either. Right now... we're waiting for Chris's Grandma to pass away. It's expected and we've had LOTS and LOTS of warning/preparation. She's old, has Alzheimer's, has bed sores, her kidney's are now shutting down, etc. Bit it will still be hard and we'll go to NC for the funeral. So there's that :( Oh and I was in a wreck

I was driving back from Kinsley's field trip when this kid in front of me slammed on his breaks to turn left (with no warning and no blinker) and I couldn't stop in time, tried to surve around but there was no where to do that and well... this is what happened. It's going to the shop today and we'll go from there. Worse part of the whole thing according to Kinsley "MY TV!!!!" Yes I have a DVD player in there that she would watch to and from school and now she's finding it hard to adjust to the 5 minute ride without her TV. OH MY GOD! Even though I have a portable one she will not get it because this will be a learning experience for her, riding in a car with no TV! What we subject our kids to these days!

Everyone was okay in the accident, but I can't open my door or my hood. The whole aftermath of dealing with getting it fixed and the insurance company is what sucks the most. But for now I'm chillin in my impala because i'm a balla! 

I'll be back soon with pumpkin patch pictures and really cute pics of Parker in carharts!  


  1. I saw your posts on FB about this, so glad everyone is okay! Andplusalso, loved the IG photos of parker rockin the carharts so I cannot wait to see more!

  2. I am glad you are OK! And I am so sorry about Chris's grandma... I hope you guys have a safe trip!