Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wow, April Fools on me!

So as you know i was SOOO sure i wasn't pregnant... thought i even had spotting that mysteriously went away. So i planned on testing again on Friday if AF (aunt flow) didn't rear her ugly head BUT Chris's mom is coming over on Friday and IF i was pregnant i didn't want her to be around when i told Chris... so i was going to test Today (Thursday) BUT as all of you know i'm not soo good with being patient so i waited for Chris to leave for work and tested.

UM POSITIVE! Wait What Really? okay hold on let me rub my eyes... WOW REALLY? Maybe it's a dud, or my pee got stuck there... hmmmm. Okay that's cool i have a back up test better use that.... doot doot do do... WOW That ones pretty pink too! hmmm... this might be real! HAHA, Wow...hmmm NEED A DIGITAL! CRAP! It's only 6AM! Walmart isn't open until 8!! That's cool i can shower and stuff..

Showered, cried as i prayed to God promising to take care of this little bean, watched some TV... doot doot do do

YES time to go! Go to Walmart, get said test, pick up some bibs too (to tell Daddy and some Grandparents)... go home Pee again (oh yeah having a bladder ALWAYS full a pee since i was born is REALLY coming in handy now! Waiting... watching the flashing hour glass... flashing flashing (COULD IT JUST STOP ALREADY) BAM! Pregnant! HAHAHA Wow... guess this is true!

testThe lines actually look darker in person, it's just the flash washing them out. So don't worry I AM pregnant.

OKay now i REALLY have to stay home from work b/c i KNOW if i go in I WILL tell someone and then Chris won't be the first! Well super! Now i can get a pedicure and go sit in one of those massage chairs where they can REALLY work on my back poop muscles that are KILLING ME! AHhhh... i'm almost worried i'm going to start moaning it feels so good, but i hold it in least they never let me sit in the magical chair again.

Next to the florist... Why do people think you're weird when you want to buy all the babys breath they can spare? PEOPLE! So i tell her why... CRAP now Chris isn't the first... uhhh!

Decorate the kitchen and WAIT... and WAIT... He calls, he's coming... WAIT.... WAIT... FINALLY! He's Here! and this is what he sees when he walks in:telling-chrisNotice the creativity with the colors of water since we don't know what we're getting yet~ OOH YEA! Chris's reaction "Already, Really? You're sure? WOW? No i AM happy! WOW! I TOLD you it would happen right away"

We then proceeded to call my parents (b/c i couldn't wait the week and a half until i was to see them) and go to his parents house to tell them. We'll have wonderful memories now of shock, surprise, tears, and smiles!

God bless our little Elf and Please keep him safe!

daddy4wks 2 days pregnant

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