Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bestill my heart! She's getting so old!

Friday i realized that my little angel is now a big angel... she's 8 weeks old... one week shy of her 2 month birthday, 3 weeks shy of me leaving her to go back to work! It's all just too much!
She now likes to be entertained instead of just held... she wants to play and smile and she's even starting to coo!

As a reflextion here are the things we could not live without!

receiving blankets (i use these to line her bassinet, to change her on, to swaddle... we we did swaddle all two times, etc)
Basic white cloth dipers for burp rags... you go through so many each day, WHY spend money on cute ones!
Colic Calm (this is a MUST buy!!! google it! Get it! Sometimes it's the only thing that will calm your gassy, colicy, refluxy, or fussy baby! it's AMAZING)
Boppys... we have one upstairs and one down! Great for sitting, feeding, etc
Onies onies onies! White ones! We put them under everything and we go through them FAST, get a lot!
Bath tub with her infant insert... she gets a bath EVERY night, it calms her!
Wubbanub... get these passys They are GREAT! You need these... don't get the duck, the beak doesn't hold like the bigger heads do!
Hooter Hider... it's stylish, covers me, i can still see her... and i get to breast feed without showing off the milk jugs!
Breast Pump... now get a good one! I got the medela freestyle something or another... it's the one that has it all except the hands free thingy... I use it AT LEAST every morning after i feed K and still get like 5-8oz out! I've already filled up my freezer door and i'm moving on to the basement freezer!

Hmm that's mostly what's on my list now... i'm sure there's more to come... oh and her bows! She must always have bows!

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