Monday, March 1, 2010

Weight watchers Monday

How's it going, you might be wondering... well... it's like this: i haven't gained weight but i haven't lost it. It's just so busy! and well i've been snacking a lot in the afternoons.... but this week i'll be at work all day so there won't be any snacking! But even with being bad and not working out, my pants are still getting looser! Hot Stuff!

But i WILL be eating better this week (minus the snickers bar i had this morning) and hopefully working out on my shred (which i will be starting over).

So here's an update for my new years resolutions:

active 4 days a week.... ummm no... hasn't happened... lets pretend i'm going to start fixing that tonight.

loose 15 by March 31.... um i'll let you know tomorrow how that's going after i weigh in tonight.

Jog 2 miles by March 31... see above

Drink 64oz of H2O a day... not so good... HAVE to get better to keep my milk supply up!!!

Put stuff away: getting better... not great but baby steps right?

Make it to church 4 times.... hmmm does a baby shower and tea party with my bible study count... if not then no... we didn't do it (hangs head in sham)

Have more Chris time: Dang negative again! In our defense last week was hellaous! Chris's hours were terrible and i was SOOO tired. I'm not used to getting up at 430! You try it!

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