Friday, February 25, 2011

pretty flippin lucky

I have an incredible husband. He works super hard for the babs and I. Yesterday, i was done. I was tired, Kinsley had an ear infection. I was achy... just done. Know what my dear man did? Let me cuddle all over him for comfort while he rubbed my back.

Today Kinsley wasn't having a good morning at school because of the previously mention ear ache (shocking, i know)... know what hubs did? Picked her up from school for me and took her home to rest while i finish a very trying day at work.

Right now my world is all over the place. We risk going on a mandatory furlough (UNPAID PEOPLE) because congress can't get the stick out of their butts long enough to realize they might need to agree on SOMETHING so we can pay daycare, that will still send us the bill whether i have a job or not so that Kinsley won't loose her place there. But i have a husband that gives me sweet hugs, cleans my kitchen while i relax in the bath, and is genuinely happy to see ME at the end of the day.

Yep, i'm a lucky lady.

Dang he's sexy~

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  1. how sweet! And ugh...sorry work is so stressful right now!