Friday, April 1, 2011

Parties Parties Everywhere

A few weeks ago we had a weekend of birthday parties. Two in one day. One was from 11-1 and the other was from 12-2. So we spent as much time as we could at each and Kinsley had a Grand ole time!

The first birthday party we went to was at the same house that Kinsley had her party at. The little girl loved Kinsley's party so much, you MIGHT see some similarities!

Instead of doing a soybean pit they had ride-ons everywhere! Kinsley needed a little help but she Loved it!

They also had a chalk station that Kinsley stayed at most of the time. She LOVES to color now!

 Notice the moonbounce, balloons from the ceiling? there were also cupcakes, juice boxes, and a pinata!
I just LOVED the Minnie Mouse theme though! Adorable! I wish i would have gotten pictures of all of the little touches, but i was so frazzled i was impressed with myself for getting this many photos!
And yea, no pictures of the other party! But picture Kinsley in a blow up pool bouncer thing full of balls and that was the party, for her at least. She was in that thing almost the WHOLE time! So much fun!

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