Monday, October 3, 2011

People's perception is amazing!

So I'm on the hunt for a couch and a dinning/kitchen table set. AND since the hubs and my budget is like $0 I'm looking on Craigslist. You can SOMETIMES find decent stuff on there but WHOA there are some special pieces on there. I mean it's amazing that people actually bought some of this stuff at one point AND think they can sell it now! It's truly terrible!
You know to stay away from ALL post with "Beautiful" in the Headline, it's NOT going to be beautiful. I promise!
"Good Condition" means it is in good condition, especially since it's from the 60s!

For example, look at this gem. It's titled "Sofabed- great color fabric, nice condition"
Great color? Which one? there's like 10 different colors in it. good condition, well YEA considering it's from the 1980s and lived through some questionable activity.

This one made me laugh: "Formal Luxury Gilded Round Coffee Table" and it's ONLY $1600. I mean who wouldn't want a $1600 coffee table right? Especially when it looks like this:

but take note that the glass top is NOT original. I mean they most likely took $2000 off because of that, since they originally bought it for $4160! OMG! WHY people? WHY?

This one was a little more honest: "Multicolored Patterned Sofa/Couch"

You knew going into it that it wasn't going to be pretty, but they want $155 for it, REALLY?

Now my favorite post are the unsuspecting ones. Ones that are titled very plainly: "Sectional and TV combo"... not combo is NORMALLY not a good thing, but you can never be too sure, so you open it up and BAM

They hit you with the red leather and brown suede couch. MAN! it's a STEAL at $500!

Do you love craiglist as much as I do?

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