Friday, September 28, 2012

Go Erin, It's my birthday, Go Erin!

No It's really my birthday and i'm like WHOA old... 30!!! HA... the hubs asks me this morning if i felt old... I replied "No i feel mature" which is a joke in itself! lol. i don't know now that I'm 30 maybe i'll get some respect around here! No? well it was worth a shot.

So i have amazing balls co-workers. I mean for real, look at this

That rocked my pants off! I mean not actually pants off, even though i had to change my pants this morning once already because Parker decided to give me a birthday pee ALL OVER ME! I'm sitting in my gift wrapped chair right now! I had to remove a few balloons and the wrapping on my keyboard but I'm leaving the rest because it makes me smile~

Kinsley is in a great mood today because she got to take cupcakes to school today in honor of my birthday! She pretty much peed her pants with excitement. Other excitement? Chris hung her a swing in the basement, not sure what she's happier about.

Today the man and I are going to do it up right with a gift certificate to Morton's Steakhouse, holla! They are also running a special so with the money we'll save from that special i think we can afford a bottle of wine too!!! BAM Momma's getting tipsy!

So, I would say this is the best way to bring in 30! jealous yet?


  1. Happy Birthday, lady!! Can we trade co-workers? How lucky are you!! Enjoy the weekend, birthday girl. :)