Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Photo dump catch up, day 2~

So a few weeks back I helped to host a baby shower for my best friend in North Carolina. I co-hosted it with my awesome friend Beth and honestly I'm not sure how we pulled it off! lol. We were up late, got up early, we were late getting it started but it happened and I think it turned out pretty amazing!
Beth had a friend make the embroidered oneies! LOVE! And she had another friend design all the paper products!
We made a sea salt scrub off of etsy... it was sea salt and dawn dish soap, you just get the kind of soft hands!
We did a brunch theme for the food. The Menu was: Amish casserole, strawberries and french toast skewers, fruit salad, ham delights, marinated shrimp, Oreo truffle balls, various dips, cupcakes and mimosas!

And here's the beautiful Mommy to be and my amazing co-host Beth! We also had the shower at Beth's house while she was trying to get it ready to go on the market... she literally had carpet laid hours before we arrived on Friday!
Me and my BFF.
Don't worry we let our daughters help us too!
But Beth was smart! She had the brilliant idea to hire a babysitter for the kids so we could actually HOST the party and not just be Mommies! Here they are modeling their swim suits before the babysitter took them out to play in the sprinkler!
The hambone~
It was a huge success and I really want to go back now to visit more with Kinsley. Kinsley says "we go to Mommy and Daddy school and stay with Logan, right?" Logan is my friend's daughter, i think she had fun and wants to go back too!

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  1. I want a friend like you! That is an adorable shower... and I love the favors. Good job, lady!