Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Photo dump day 3~

So while in NC we needed to take Kinsley to "Mommy and Daddy's school". Kinsley was a little shocked by how big it is since the only "school" she knows is her daycare.
But she got comfortable pretty quickly and informed us she would be going to NC STATE!!!! YEA!
She's even learning how to do her Wolfpack fingers!
When we went home we literally got off the interstate, stopped at Target and then went straight to a birthday party for Kinsley's good friend Josie. It was at a bounce house place so it was PERFECT after a long trip in the car!
These are our neighbors and Parker's BFF Collin.
This little cutie gets all of Kinsley's old clothes and if she weren't so cute it would break my heart to give them away.
Parker LOVED being out of his car seat and loved taking in all the action!
Damn those blue eyes!
Please don't ask me why she smiles like this when I say to say cheese... it's creepy

So that was the end of the baby shower weekend. It was a huge success. Kinsley didn't have a single potty accident the whole time, even in the car. NOW we may have stopped every hour on the hour but that's cool, we can handle that~

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  1. What a fun little family. :) And it's always a plus when there are no potty accidents!