Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life's a Parrot

So Kinsley has been in rare form lately. She's a little chatter box, to the point where sometimes i just have to tell her to give Momma a break and go watch Mickey. I mean the kid talks about EVERYTHING. We don't get a lot of "Why" questions from her because, well she knows everything, duh~ She would be GREAT at a DIY blog because she will walk you through every step of everything a million times. I guess it's her way of walking herself through it or reminding herself how to act. The best is when she gets everything all over the place though...
"At school we sit and wait for our friends to sit down before we eat, right Mom? And we lay our hands in our laps and we sing *enter her singing a song i don't know* and we eat and It's Becca's birthday and we have cupcakes and sing *sing again* Mommy Ryan push me, and I read a book because baby like Elmo but I be quite because you're putting Parkie to bed, right Mom?"

And ON and ON and ON

And then she gives me little reminders to watch what I'm saying around her...

The other day we are at the table and I tell Kinsley "If you do good eating then you can have a cupcake when you finish your dinner"
Chris: "What cupcake?"
Me: "Did you EAT the CUPCAKE?!?!"
Chris: "I didn't know it was for her..."
Kinsley: "Dad you eat my cupcake?"
Chris: "Yeah baby I'm sorry  i didn't know it was yours"
Kinsley: "Aw man! What am I going to do with you?"

Randomly Kinsley was walking up the stairs talking to me and then saying "You're killing me Mom!"

Life with a parrot toddler~

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