Monday, September 24, 2012

Hi friends! i've missed you too!

Well it's been a while so i'm going to do two things for you. Each day i'm going to do a photo dump on you until we're all caught up AND i'm going to do a post of some substance to get us back on the right foot! MMMkay? So while I wait for almost 300 pictures to upload i'm going to do the substance post first, please contain your excitment. I've decided today is my first day! The First day! The Day that I turn things around. I'm not going to go into this blindly and think i'll be perfect but I AM going to make a difference in my life for me because I deserve it and need it! We have this thing called the end of the fiscal year where I work and well shit hits the fan when that happens and so therefore it hits the fan ALL OVER my life! The blogs stop, the pointless internet searches stop, the eating healthy stops, the sleeping stops, the drinking increases, the working out stops... i mean it's like a raging college dorm room in my life when the fiscal year happens. NOT GOOD. Especially since I probably REALLY need to keep my shit together when it's like this! RIGHT?! Well i didn't... but i'm going to get it back now! Except for on Friday, Friday is my birthday and well, i'm going to enjoy it! But I'm starting back on my Insanity Journey... from the begining AGAIN. But that's okay i'll start over and do it. I'm going to have my green monster smoothie every morning because my body really needs that iron goodness and i'm going to play more with my kids and eat less ice cream and fish sticks. And do you know why i'm going to do all this??? Because if I ever see another picture of me like this again:
(Do you see the gut?) I will scream, cry, and well, lets not get into the rest. NOT GOOD! So i'm going to do it. I'm going to meet my goal and look hot by new years eve. I am turning 30 on Friday and while I won't enter my 30s looking how I want to, i'll enter them becoming who i want to! BRING IT! Any tips, tricks, and motivations you want to share is greatly needed! thanks!

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  1. 30-Day Shred! Videos are on youtube. The best part is that the workouts are 20 min long so there really is no excuse.