Monday, March 18, 2013

Hold your Pee

So I'm still having bladder issues. As in, my bladder has issues holding my pee. I mean what the hell?!?! I've had my kids, I did my kegals, I should be good... not so. It's bad. To the point where I can pee before I workout but once I hit a jog I should think about investing in some Depends.

Big Erin is devastated by by this since inner Skinny Erin is having dilemmas about whether to workout at all...

What else is going on? My IBS is back. I knew it would come back, it leaves me temporarily when I'm pregnant... it's so glorious that I've contemplated getting pregnant again just to not deal with it... It came back with a furry though the other weekend, I think triggered by stress, caffeine, and bad eating. Now it likes to be present for a few days and then leave. Awesome

So while there's nothing I can do for my IBS, other than try to eat better... even though that doesn't always help... I CAN get help for my bladder. And I will eventually.

My bladder works in a way that once I need to go there's no waiting. AND once I'm in the bathroom trying to wiggle my pants down my fat girl thighs my bladder gets SO excited at the thought of me peeing that it's often a close call to if I'll make it to over the toilet or not. THANK YOU KINSLEY AND PARKER!

So my GYN gave me the names of some Urologist... problem is finding the time to go... not to mention I'll most LIKELY need surgery of some kind, whether it's basic out patient or not... it's going to be awesome! So have you had pee pee issues since you've had a human exit your vagina?
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1 comment:

  1. Oh no! You poor thing. My kid didn't want to come out my va-jay-jay. He thought it'd be more fun to crawl out of my abdomen. So, apologies for the lack of words of wisdom.
    I hope you can find a solution quickly!