Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Poor Baby's mouth

I'm Actually talking about Parker but you could throw Kinsley in there because I might smack that mouth with all the sass coming out of it... kidding i won't smack her... yet

No Parker went for his well visit yesterday... yeah Doc said he could see AT LEAST 5 teeth coming in! WHAT THE HELL!?!? Is this kid trying to prove something? Is he pissed because it's hard to chew? But could you imagine the pain of cutting 5 teeth at once and a few of them are molars?!?! Holy God, it might be similar to popping a kid out of your vagina... almost, not quite! I guess I did get an epidural though... HAHA Sucker!

SO Yeah my house has been a barrel full of fun lately, he's cutting teeth, add in his one year shots (which makes ALL babies crazy fussy lunatics), and then my REALLY bad IBS is back, and Kinsley is three. KILL.ME.NOW.

But the hubs did the unthinkable and bought be flowers for no reason... so all is right with the world... except i'm in training so i have no way/time to work out... whomp whomp

22 weeks until the beach... calling all whales! Lets me friends~
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