Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If only I had money

I just went fake shopping online, because it's what i like to do to torture myself. YOU know what I'm talking about. You act like you're on What Not To Wear and fill your online shopping basket with everything you would get if someone else was paying... what just me?

Any way I spent $842, which is a DEAL since I got 40% off everything. Here's what I snagged:
4 Pairs of shorts
2 dresses
1 Cardigan
9 shirts/blouses
5 pants/capris
2 skirts
1 Jacket
1 pair of sandals
1 two piece swim suit.

This was all at Ann Taylor Loft.

Now just to convince the Hubby that this is apart of our budget... HA right... and X out of my dream lift.

Enter my real life

Yesterday for weight watchers I ate the following:

Breakfast 2 cups of coffee with WAY to much creamer : 4pts
2 hard boiled egglands best eggs : 3pts
2 slices Eating Right Canadian Bacon: 1pt (I can have up to 4 slices to keep it in the 1pt range! WHAT!)

Lunch an entire bag of one of the Fresh Salad Kits, today's was Pear Gorgonzola (that's 5 cups of salad y'all! 7pts

Greek light and fit yogurt 2pts

2 cups of homemade (by me) chicken noodle soup: 7pts
1/2 cup of Beyer's Smooth and Dreamy ice cream, light: 4pts

BAM walking in at a cool 28pts (my limit is 29) But i did lick my fingers of the icing left over from feeding my son a cupcake so we'll call it even~
AND I earned 3 activity points doing my couch 2 5k program and weights!

Today's going great! I've only had 2 pts of creamer and changed one of my cups of coffee to green tea. Moving right along!
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  1. Woo Hoo! Go Erin!
    I keep thinking about joining WW, it's just not in the budget right now, dangit.
    As for your last post, about fake online shopping; I am totally going to start doing that now! Ha!

  2. And, in my sleep deprived brain; it really was your last post. Not the top of this one! HA!!!