Monday, March 25, 2013

The King has left the building...

Well the princess... remember my last post, scroll down... well i was Delusional to think that I would be able to do some ALL protein ALL the time kind of diet... it's just not ME! I Like food, carbs, beer!

SO I will fall back on an oldie and a pain in the ass... Weight Watchers. I have a love hate with this bitch. She lets me eat what I want to... but within reason. That's my biggest problem, I WANT IT ALL. It's how I got like this. I like to be told simply to stay away from stuff, not eat less of it. Because I'm telling you once I get a lick it's like Paula Deen at a butter sale, I'm all over that shit!
Also I HATE tracking!

So i'll do my best and track it. I know Weight Watchers works, i just have to follow it. One of my big down falls I've noticed, coffee. I drink a lot, with cream... needs to stop! So i'll have my one cup in the morning but then I'm going to switch to green tea. Can't hurt.

Honestly I don't have a plan... just a prayer.

ON prayers... one has been answered, we tried a church!!! It's Lutheran, we figured that might be a good fit for a marriage between Catholic and Baptist! We both liked it and look forward to going back after Easter (where we're visiting family)! YEA!

Alright, gotta do shit, peace out hookers

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