Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No one ever tells you...

That you will be climbing the walls most days with your children

That each child will be so drastically different that you'll wonder if they have the same parents

That no matter how "fun" you think it is your three year old will still prefer to clean the bathroom or something/anything else

That no amount of wine will get you through some days

That telling your kid to hold their ankles so you can wipe their butt will become your norm

That having your 3 year old tell you, you have big boobies and she has small boobies will be normal conversation for Target

That you will willingly feed your 1 year old mac and cheese every.single.night if it means he'll eat and so then sleep through the night

That having your child look like a homeless bum because they wanted to dress themselves will be accaptable because you're just happy they want to wear clothes

That you'll name your Mini-van (which you sore you would never drive) the swager wagon because you're trying to sound cool again on some level

That there will rarely be a day that you show up at work without snot, spit up, food, or all of the above on your person

That your new "bag" will be the size of a small child and still not be big enough for all the crap you need

No one ever tells you that being a parent is f'ing hard and yet blissfully amazing all at the same time. No one ever tells you that while you love your little gifts from God there will be days that you threaten the Grandparents that you'll send them to foster care if they don't come and give you a break.

Now with all that being said, yes I love my kids, no I would never give them up, they are the biggest blessing in my life... but IT'S HARD!! And some/all days I LOVE getting to take them to daycare, at least for a few hours!

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