Monday, August 22, 2011

Does this make me a bad parent?

So yesterday Chris and I were walking around Food Lion grocery shopping and K was in one of her usual moods and didn't want to be in the cart so she was walking around too. Well sometimes she gets on a mission. It's hard to explain, I really need to try to video tape it, but she bends her knees, leans forward, and pumps her arms like she's in a 80s aerobic video. Normally her head will be up with her chin jutted out and she's walking, FAST. Last night though she was more concerned about her feet and so she ran RIGHT into a cardboard display. I mean it was a WHAM! I saw it coming but it was like a slow motion of a bad accident, you want to try to stop it and start to attempt to but then it's too late. And OH how the mighty did fall. It was SO.FUNNY. She was fine. Didn't even cry, but Oh.My.God, I don't know how I kept functioning after seeing that. I asked Chris if he saw it but he replied no but he HEARD if from around the corner! Oh.My.Lord! That just did me in!

So then last night we were trying to fall asleep but we couldn't stop giggling just thinking about K in her mission walk WHAMING right into that display.


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