Wednesday, August 10, 2011

how do you work this darn google reader?!?!?

So over the years I've collected quite a few blogs on my google reader and well, it's cluttered. It's full of blogs that, honestly, i don't like to read so i just skim through them so they'll disappear from my google reader. (that's my dirty little secret). A few times I've tried deleting or unsubscribe from them but they always reappear! It's scary, like there's some kind of google reader monster that is messing with my head.

Like the numerous cookie blogs I was following, thinking I was going to become some awesome sugar cookie decorator and sell them to friends and make them for family members. Yea, I haven't made ONE sugar cookie.

And honestly I do NOT need one more hobby to fill my basement with supplies that I will use for a few months and then forget about for years, BUT refuse to throw away because I just KNOW that I'm going to pick it back up...

So how do you get them off your google reader for good? I can't keep taking this reminder of how I really want to do something but honestly i just don't have time because I'm a working mother that is lucky if I actually MAKE dinner at night, much less do laundry to make cookies. HELP!


  1. I do it not through my Google reader but through my Dashboard. Under your list of blogs there is a Manage button, click on that and I delete through there. It's a little time consuming but if you do 4 or 5 a day you can get rid of them pretty quick.

  2. like Rachel said, you have to do it one by one through your blogger dashboard. I dont know why they cant simplify it!