Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The fair was a hit, especially the derby!

Friday night we went to the local county fair (which is bigger than our state fair) and Kinsley LOVED it! I knew she would be entertained since she's a true people watcher, but man she REALLY had a great time.

We mainly went to watch the Demolition Derby (K and my first!) but we got there early to see some animals and partake in fair food!
Walking through the sheep barns was very entertaining. I think K thought she was Dr. Doolittle because she was BAAAAA'ing the whole way through! She didn't want to converse with the cows though. Even when on any other given day she loves to talk about a good MOO cow, when she saw the real thing it was a no go. Wouldn't even wave at them! Just kept telling us "NOOO, All done!" lol.

We stopped at my favorite stand to get a funnel cake (they are from SC so we have a hick bond~). Then we got me a pita and K a corn dog (where she ignored the "corn" and ate the dog).

Finally the BIG event! The DERBY! K thought we were there just to play in the stands. And she was COVERED in black dirt when we left.
See Grand Stands are awesome!
Once it got started though she really started to get into it. Of course getting to hang out with Aunt Martiena helped a lot!
And Daddy explained things too!
She watched seriously but would then clap and cheer when everyone else did!
But mostly she just wanted to play with Aunt Martiena. Can you say life saver? OMG, if she wasn't there i would have had to leave early from being so tired of trying to keep up with K.
K had a blast, was up all the way home, had a great bath that turned the bath water colors, and slept! I think she'll do it again next year! Maybe she'll even say hi to a Cow then!

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