Monday, August 29, 2011

Well Hot Damn!

Sorry I know i don't curse a whole lot on this blog (because it isn't very polite but i never claimed this was a family friendly blog!) but man this morning I deserve the right! I just weighed myself!

I was bracing myself for the worse because, lets be honest, I look 5 months pregnant and I eat a lot of crap. The thought of baked chicken breast? puke
Steamed veggies WITHOUT cheese? Double puke
A bowl of mac and cheese for lunch? OMG i'll lurve you forever!

So I've been avoiding the scale, because well, I was never teeny tiny to begin with and I do nap at lunch rather than workout.

But GUESS WHAT Y'ALL! I've gained a total of SIX pounds!!!! That's it! I think i ate that much in BBQ Chicken dip yesterday! MAN i'm so happy right now! I just want to jump from the roof tops!

It really makes me happy because i'm just a bowl full of lumpy potatoes right now with all rolls falling off of my middle but something is working! Watch, i'm going to start walking tonight with my neighbor and i'll gain 10lbs by then end of the week... because mother nature is fickle like that!

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