Thursday, August 18, 2011

My heart just never leaves these images.

Have you ever been to the website Reece's Rainbow?

It's a site that helps children from around the world that have downsyndrome find families to adopt them. Did you know that in MANY countries once a child with downs reaches a certain age (often 4) they are then institutionalized for life? Often left in a crib (tied down to it) and forgotten. There are 6 year olds that weigh TEN POUNDS! TEN POUNDS! I know american babies that were BORN at that weight!

It breaks my heart, I'm DYING to help these children.

Sasha here is 6 years old!

6 years old!

this is so sad and not acceptable! I want to help these children so bad. I want to take them all home myself. Please go the to site. Please pray for guidence, even if you can't adopt one yourself you could maybe donate a few dollars to help a family adopt!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't forget these children! They are worthy of love!

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