Friday, August 12, 2011

Night One of Mission Get Rid of Passy

So last night we got rid of the pacifiers! We went around the house (Kinsley and I) and collected all the passys. Put them in a gift bag and then SHE handed them over to my neighbors new baby daughter. The whole time I kept telling her that she's a big girl and Charlotte is a baby and needs the passys. I told her to say Bye Bye to the passy's and now the passy's are All Gone. Basically I said anything I could think of to help her realize what she was doing... even though I'm sure it still didn't fully click.

In return Charlotte gave Kinsley a (previously supplied by me) Big Girl Thank you gift for her passys.

Then night fell. The bath started. The bath ended. The question came, Passy??? I told her they were all gone, we gave them to Baby Charlotte. She inspected her bed through mini tears. Finally she let me rock her. We talked about Baby Charlotte, about passy's being gone, about Elmo (come on she's only 20 months), about the dogs, then we said her prayers.

I laid her down and she SCREAMED.

I let her cry for 5 minutes, went back in, told her again passys are gone, she wanted to rock so I rocked her. After about 8 or so minutes I laid her down again.


I let her cry for 10 minutes this time. (It was really an off and on thing. Cry, scream, talk, quite, rinse and repeat) I went in, she wanted to rock. I rocked her for maybe 3 minutes and laid her down.

She slept. ALL NIGHT! As far as I know (since sometimes I just don't hear her anymore) she never woke up once crying for the passy!

I'm sure the apocalypse is coming but at least we made it through night one!

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