Wednesday, August 17, 2011

where did my sleeper go?

The other night I put Kinsley down at 645 to go to bed, which is pretty normal for her, especially since she only had an hour and half nap that day (which is NOT normal). She continued to cry off and on for an hour. Once Cowboy got home at 745 I sent him upstairs to see what was possesing his daughter. A minute later he was by my side holding a VERY awake little girl, WTH!

So she played, then we read some books, then she helped me clean. Finally at around 830 I told her that was it, it was nite nite time. "NOOOO" was her response but I didn't cave (this time... stupid passy)! She went to bed and promptly woke us up at 400am REFUSING to go back to sleep, just constant crying. At the Man's insistance I brought her into bed with us, where HE slept and I stayed awake while having my hair played with/pull out. Awesome.

So yesterday I made sure Kinsley was GOOD and TIRED before laying her down. We played in the water with all her friends, had a playdate/dinner. Laid her down around 830... and she slept! until 4am. WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH 4AM??? Is someone outside banging on her window then? Help a tired Mom out people! I told her it was NOT time to wake up, it's Nite Nite time and NO more crying. And that worked!

I don't know what's up with her lately. She's so flipping cliggy. Chris tries to take her and play with her and she yells NO and runs to me and looks at him like he's the boogy man. This has GOT to end!

I'll tell you what though, i'm looking forward to Friday night! We're GOING TO THE FAIR! and you all know what THAT means! This pregnant Momma is going to eat! Especially the glazed funnel cake! Oh yea talk dirty to me big funnel cake maker boy! Yummm!

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