Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ding Dong the Passy's gone!

So here's how it all went down...

I have been to known to bitch and complain on here about the damn passy. I know shocking! And one of my readers/friends (you're all my friends really!) found a solution that worked for her and past it on to me. Becky and I met at a Nest get together ( is from but for once you're married. and now i'm also on because i have kids) at my friend Katie's house and she has been keeping up with my struggles. She popped me an email about this pd.f that she used and suggested I try it. Y'all at this point I would have tried ANYTHING that promised no tears because I was just not ready to handle screams for God knows how long!

So I went to and downloaded the file (I was worried I was going to be hacked and jacked, sorry but true Becky... but I wasn't!) and read it and it made sense and I thought "Well I have nothing to lose!"

Here's the basic principal. You child has gone to their passy for comfort their whole life! That sucking is soothing to them and it registers in their brain as comfort. You have to get that association to disassociate itself. How? By slowly taking away the suck!

First day round up all the passies without your child knowing and poke holes in them about the size of a ball point pin head. ALL of them. Now put them back where your child looks for their passy. When they suck on them the next time it won't be the "same" and they may ask you about it and just lie to them! "That's funny, I don't know what happened?!?! Did you bite it?" Let it be for 2 days... they'll keep using it but it's working, promise!

Day 3 round up all the passies and cut a hole in the tip. Put them all back. Remember... you don't know what happened to them! OH NO!
This is when K had her break through. She would tell me it's broken and I need to fix it or we'll buy new passies, etc. I told her I can't fix it and we're not getting new ones she just has to use these. AND SHE DIDN'T!!! She set them down and hasn't picked one back up!!! We've gone 2 nights, one nap, and multiple injuries (hey she's a toddler) and she hasn't even ASKED for it!!!! This is BEYOND amazing for us! She was ALWAYS whinning "Where's my passy?" "I want my passy"... blah blah AHHH!

IF your child is still hanging on then on day 4 cut a bigger hole, rinse and repeat your lies. And day 5 cut a slit up the sides.

I'm not positive that this will work for everyone but I'm BEYOND amazed with it!

Cheers to being Passy FREE with NO tears!!!

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  1. So happy it worked for you too and so happy to be rid of the darned passy! RIP!
    Aother one to check off your list!!