Wednesday, May 23, 2012

He's three months now but here's his two month shots! lol

So i'm like awesome on being on top of things! HA... But even if i'm not telling you about it like i should i'm still mostly keeping up in person... except I am 5 days late with his 3 month pics, UH! Anyway, here's his two months...

This is his "I'm a dude and dudes don't smile shot"

This is his "HA Mom don't take a picture of me smiling" shot

This is his "How you doin?" shot

This is his "I'm going to kiss you" shot

And this is here just because he's so flipping cute!

So remember when I showed you his completed nursery? No... oh yeah, because I didn't... here it is.
This is the diaper cake from  my awesome co-workers... it's now been used!

His growth chart purchased from Decorative Labels on Etsy. Love!

This room doesn't seem so busy in person but then again maybe it does since my two year old is ALWAYS rearranging something... notice the push trike behind the glider...

Here's a very professional blurry shot of the crib wall

Awesome letters from way cool friend

this is a window... enough said

Baby  on the changing table!
Like his camo bag? You can have one too for your kids just go to my thrity-one website and order!

close up of the knobs!

Boom, because I can
Like it? I do

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