Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Won't you tell me how to get...

We went to Sesame Place! While I didn't take a ton of pictures i took a few.

Kinsley Loving her hat (thank the lord!)!

See that rollar coaster inthe background? Yea she went on it... not the smartest idea on my part... kind of turned her off of ALL the rides. Yes i'm an awesome mom.

Parker loved the Sesame

Kinsley still found time to be the center of attention by doing the hoakie pokie down the parade street for everyone without being asked to! Ham.Bone.

And now the real attaction comes (what my kid wasn't good enough for these people?)

Oh well, she loved watching!
It was a successful trip but we never saw ANY characters around Sesame Place that day. I mean we didn't HUNT for them but you would think that you would look around and see a few here or there, nope. Oh well, maybe next time. and there WILL be a next time! We have free (you pay 60 and you get in twice kind of free) passes!

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