Wednesday, May 16, 2012


When did disciplining your child become so socially unacceptable? When did the thought of spanking my child put me in fear of going to jail start? When did the odd stares start from other parents when you drop everything to put your child in timeout? WHY are all of these negative things in society?

This whole "give your kids choices" and "empower your child" thing is crap! Do you know why teachers have it harder than ever today? Because parents don't parent they "empower". Do you know why kids are rude and piss you off daily at movies and stores? Because Parents give them the choice to be polite or not.

I was "that" parent that parented my child and you know what, everyone was jealous at how well she listened and behaved... but then i stopped. I got tired of hearing from my husband and everyone else "she's only being a toddler" and then I had another baby that took up a lot of my time and I stopped parenting my child. Know what happened when I stopped parenting? I started yelling because my child stopped listening. Now because I kept giving her chances and choices she is not listening as well at school either.

This morning because she had a choice she had at least FOUR meltdowns because even though she got her choice she wasn't happy and wanted something else.

YES she's two and half but I can also argue she's ONLY two and half... WHY does she need a choice?!?!

Today I hit my limit and I hit a wall with her. I had to call my husband to talk me off the crazy lady ledge with her. Tonight we will start over.

Tonight I will tell her things are about to change. Mommy will ask ONE time to do something and if she doesn't then she will be in timeout. Timeout will not be in her room but sitting on the stairs landing facing the corner. It will not be crawling up down the stairs and every time i have to put her back IN timeout her timer will start over until she can sit there for two minutes. I'll tell her Mommy is sorry for not being a good Mommy to her and teaching her properly. But, I will also tell her that I'm sorry for not giving her just Mommy and her time. I'll promise to take more time rocking her, reading to her, and cooking with JUST her.

I'm not against spanking but the hubs isn't a fan so I'll will try other ways to teach my child. But I will teach her, i won't give her the "choice" to learn or not. She will learn or she won't ever see anything but the color of my hallway wall!

How do you discipline? Do you?

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