Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Holy over supply batman... and i pretty much rocked that 5k's world!

So first thing first. I have MAJOR milk happening. I don't FEEL like I do but at the end of each week I freeze whatever milk is leftover (meaning Parker didn't eat it at school)... yeah I'm averaging between 52-60 oz A WEEK of extra milk! I have over 300oz in my freezer! Like whoa! I've really got to get a game plan happening here of cycling it! I mean I know that milk changes as your child grows so I don't want to hold on to milk from March ,when we're in May, for too long because he won't get the nutrients that he needs, etc. But at the same time I know it's only a matter of time before this supply levels out AND i know that I'll be able to stop breastfeeding early if I want to and just use up my stash like I did with Kinsley. With Kinsley she rejected the boob at 9 months but I kept pumping until she was 10 1/2 months and then used my stash for the rest of the time. Part of me is like "keep going because if he rejects the boob too you'll be happy for that over supply" but then another part of me is like, UM you are filling up your freezer, DONATE! what to do??

And I did my first 5k this past weekend. I was REALLY nervous about it because I didn't have long to train for it (like 3 1/2 weeks!) and I was running it with some friends that had already done a few and are like 50lbs lighter then me... THAT MATTERS! It's harder to run when you're heavier! That's a lot of weight to plop up and down for 3.1 miles! But guess what?!!? I DID IT! I actually jogged the WHOLE THING! BOOYA!

Now I will tell you that a little over halfway into I asked an 8 year old to yell at me if i started walking and she MIGHT have walked the rest of the way beside me while I jogged (yes my jog was that slow) BUT I DID IT! BAM!

Yesterday I had a random moment of WTF hormones and kicked my door in. yea... See I took my key chain off my key ring for the dog sitter. Well I then put that key in my purse and well, I don't know what happened to it. I was running back home to quickly grab Parker's bottles for daycare (since I forgot them) and well it was raining and I needed to get the bottles back to daycare and back in my house by 7 to start teleworking so after a failed attempt to credit card my door I kicked it in. Yes I broke the door frame in the process. WHY did I do this? In the moment it seems logical. Now, I'm hanging my head in stupidity.

I went to Home Depot and showed them the piece of the frame so they could help me repair it and they asked how it happened and I told them to which they replied "Bad Ass!" and I said I think my husband is thinking "Dumb Ass!"... So I also bought a new knob/lock for the door. NO i didn't break the original one but it was always getting jammed and I needed to make extra keys LIKE NOW and I didn't have MY key there because it was lost so I thought I'll get an unjammed lock and make new keys WIN WIN! Yeah hubs is mad I spend $50 on something that was technically broken... It made sense at that time... that's my only defense.

So how are y'all doing?

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