Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Life is starting to get back to the normal...

But please let me update you in one sweeping post again and then we can just move on like I never missed a beat? Yes? Okay.

I will also be using photos from my iphone as I do not know where my camera cord is and well, i haven't taken THAT many photos on it anyway. Moving on.

Kinsley is still very protective of her brother. Sometimes agressively loving, but i'll take that over disliking him!

Parker has a girlfriend, she's cute. He's huge... Milk does a body good! Speaking of milk, it's going well! I Still have a large over supply and have filled 5 trays in the basement for storage. I know it won't always be this amazing so that will help us get through the lean days and hey if it keeps up and i don't have to dip into the stash much then that will be that many more months I can stop early with breastfeeding!

Every day that is sunny we go outside for a walk after Kinsley gets home from daycare. This is mandatory because it keeps me sane. Without this i would be trapped inside with a fussy toddler and clingy baby until bedtime since the hubs has been getting home later than I approve of. Not. An. Option! So we walk and most the time we walk like this... aint he cute?

Why has life been draining? I mean I stay home all day right? I send my toddler to daycare, hello esay street! Yeah NOT. My infant has refulx and is clingy about it. He isn't fussy as much anymore but he must be held... all the time... by ME. If someone else holds him, he cries. If i put him down and he's not in a DEEP sleep, he cries. Don't get me wrong, the kid gets put down. I need to shower and pee jsut like the rest of y'all and while I can do a lot of things while holding a baby and even while breastfeeding, those are two things I won't cave on. Peeing is ME TIME! Also we're Potty training. I think I've clearly explained before how this sucks... A LOT! My child is fond of peeing in the potty then going and sitting on my couch and peeing agian. YEA! She also likes to scream for whatever it is she wants and she always makes sure she wants something you don't want her to have. Three Packs of fruit snacks for dinner? No sorry but fruit snacks are NOT a meal and aren't even REAL fruit. Enter toddler tantrum. There have been MANY nights where both children and screaming to high hell and the hubs walks in wondering what I've done to them... right what I'VE done to THEM...

SO to try to make sure that Kinsley knows I still love her even though I'm a crazy Momma sometimes I pick her up from daycare early to take her to get ice cream... I don't think she gets what a big deal it is (in my mind) but she enjoys it~

I Technicially started back to work last week. I was teleworking however, and well it wasn't quite like being BACK at work. I did take both kids to daycare each day and well I only teared up about 6 times over leaving Parker. And as a Thank You to Kinsley for watching her brother at daycare and to make sure she knows she is still a big deal to us I got her a new dress up dress~

She liked it until she peed on it. She loves dressing up now and I LOVE it!
Last week we also got our pipes replaced. Our townhouse was built in 1987? and the code for pipes then was different than it is now and since we're going to be refinishing out basement soon we knew that would be the first step. So done and done.

Parker was sick, again, this weekend. Saturday he woke with 102.2 fever. Took him to the pediatrician and it's just a cold but he's been super clingy and puniey. He'll go from this...

to this...

pretty quickly so it's been a struggle since i'm the only one that can take that lip away. Poor guy!

We also had a community yardsale in our circle this weekend.. Kinsley LOVED it because she got to play with all her friends all morning.
WHY all my photos are uploading sideways I DO NOT know but there you have it.
Working from home equals not being a good eater and not working out, which equals no weightloss.

I worked out Monday and Tuesday (this is last week people not this week). I did Insanity. Google it, it's hard. But after being so tired because my kids don't like sleeping and having to work full time again I decided it was in my dropping milks supplies best interest to take a break from everything and sleep... and eat. But now we're "Back in the Saddle again..." Yes i just referenced an extremely cheesy country song. Moving on.

I'm back at work WORK today (HA started this post on Monday, can't you tell... it's now coming to you on a wednesday, more on THAT later). YEA! Is it bad that I look at this as my ME time? Because I do. I know when i get home that I will be wiping noses, butts, and mouths and then there are the kids to take care of! So right now I'm acting like an adult and talking to adults and pumping my boobs dry.

My daughter has had a few break throughs!
1. She started doing AMAZING with her potty training this weekend. We only had poopoo accidents!!! Well one peepee friday night but that was it!

2. I've found that if i really talk more to her and ask her about her feelings or why she doesn't want to do something that things go smoother. Example... "Kinsley would you like to go potty now at home or when we get to school" stops the meltdown of not wanting to peepee at that moment because she feels like she's incontrol. And she will actually hold it until we get to school if that's what she chose to do!

3. Passifier. GONE! Thanks to a lovely lady named Becky that thought of us and our struggles, but THAT all deserves it own post! You'll love me for it (and her since she sent it to me!)

Well now you're caught up... i'll give you another post that will catch you up even more... because I'm always behind now~

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