Thursday, May 24, 2012

oooh the poop...

So Kinsley has had poop issues for a few weeks now. It all started, took awhile to go away, thought it did, but then came back so we took her in for testing. See she was having diarrhea and even some blood in her stools.
We did a poop test to test for parasites and bacterial infections, etc... all test came back negative. We had stopped giving her obvious diary and put her on soy milk, cheese, and yogurt. Once the test came back as negative this week the doc said she could eat dairy again so we slowly started adding it back in here and there.

Last night poop-sposion 3 happened. But we didn't know, she didn't cry so she slept in it and woke with a big awful red bum. So we're taking diary out of her diet again and doing soy but here's my question...

Can a kid develop a dairy intolerance or allergy? How do you know? I'm guessing I should call the doctor but to not sound like a bad mother... we've paid a few hundred dollars in co-pays and missed a few days of work that I don't have leave for to not get any answers. It's frustrating to keep doing this, but at the same time I HATE for my poor girl to be going through this!



  1. Has she been on any medication? My oldest was on antibiotics and that did a number on her stomach and she developed the worst diaper rash I had ever seen.

  2. J developed lactose intolerance around his first birthday. He was having really bad diarrhea anytime he drank whole milk or regular formula. He also was a big time cheese eater, like 3 slices a day, and then all of a sudden stopped! The doc told us that he probably just knew it was upsetting his belly, and that's why he wouldn't eat it anymore. J has been drinking Soy milk for over a year now. I still try to give him dairy (like cheese and yogurt) every once in awhile to see if anything's changed. Most of the time, he still won't touch the stuff.