Monday, May 7, 2012

So maybe all the crap they put me through was worth it...

Being back at work last week was a joke... since i REALLY wasn't there at all. I had to leave early on Monday, had to stay home on Tuesday, worked on Wednesday (the hubs went home early for Kinsley) and then I was home "teleworking" with her on Thursday. I was off on Friday for my surgery (infected sweat gland removal).
Thursday night we decided Parker was going to stay home on Friday because he was just not getting better with his cold. Then, at 3am Kinsley woke us up with more diarrhea, so she was going to stay home on Friday too.
Chris took Parker to the Pedi after we got home from my surgery and he had a double ear infection!

We then road out the rest of Friday with more diarrhea and called it a night. Saturday Kinsley threw up and then felt great. Took her to the doctor though since she had diarrhea for a week and was now throwing up. They said she had to ride it out but call back if she pooped blood. Well, wouldn't you know she DID! Of course she did! The weekend just wouldn't be complete without pooping blood (well honestly she farted blood)...

We called and since she didn't have a fever and was acting normal and full of energy we could wait until Monday for them to run cultures and tell us what is wrong and that they aren't going to give her medicine but let her ride it out.

Yesterday, while it wasn't pretty (not that poop ever is) she pooped sort of normally so she went to school today along with her antibiotic filled brother. I went to work... oh glorious work!~ And found out I'm a pound under my pre-pregnancy weight! So while i NEVER want to go through this weekend again, I like where I'm at!

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