Wednesday, February 13, 2013

an hour of my life lost...

I saw this funny post on facebook by a friend that put together Valentines Day bags for her daughter's preschool class and said that was an hour of her life she will never get back... and all I could think was A-F'ing-Men!

Last night I was doing the same thing. I saw this cute Valentine idea on the life sucker website of Pintrest (why do I even look on there?) and thought "That would be perfect for Kinsley because it's a cupcake and my Mom calls her cupcake!"... and then I did nothing.

So last night, realizing that Valentines day and quickly approaching, I started to cute out the damn cupcake pieces... That's right people, there are pieces, that will need to be assembled. WHY!?!?

I got the cupcake pieces for the girls cut out, still have to do the boys.... I'm buying the teachers something because my hands are developing carpal tunnel.

So after an hour of cutting I'm still not done... I will finish tonight... God knows how long this will take.

I know many of you are thinking "Why doesn't she get those crappy paper ones with Princesses on them that are sold in mass in the stores and shut up already?"... want to know why? Because I need to have something to blog about and despite it all, I love to see the smile on her face when I've created something just for her... and lets be honest... it makes me look like a rock star Mom, when I'm clearly lacking in other areas!

So are you doing anything to make you look like a better parent than you really are for Valentines day?

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  1. :) You are always a rock star Mommy in my book. :)