Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well i think I've given up on my beloved Sean T of Insanity... at least for now.

My job's new space has a pretty sweet gym that cost only $10 a month to join... it's got all the equipment you could want and well it's in the basement! The thing is there was no accountability with Sean... At the gym (if you go often enough at the same relative time, you'll make gym friends that will ask you where you've been if you miss a few days... Sean isn't as good at holding me accountable! Mostly it was me making it a week or two then quiting and coming back and giving Sean a big F-U buddy for it still be so hard.

NOT that I'm taking it easy on myself in the gym! I'm sweating to the point where i WILL shower before heading back to the office AND it hurts. Stairs hurt, picking up my kids hurts, standing up hurts. I mean when the hell did I turn 80 and need a cain?

So the fat friend will be shrinking. It may not be quick and it won't be pretty but in the end... I'll be someone I'm proud of!

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